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Selling your home is stressful regardless of what is happening in the housing market. At any given time there are many other homes on the market competing with yours. Additionally, only a small percentage of potential buyers can envision the potential of your home. You need to do all you can to make your property stand out to buyers, giving them a Real Sense of the potential of your home as their future residence. Studies show that staged homes sell fifty percent faster and for as much as a ten percent higher purchase price than unstaged homes. That translates into $41,250 to $68,750 more tax-free money for your home (based on the median home sale price in Orange County in 2007) for a small investment.  

That’s where Real Sense Designs can help. Using proven design techniques combined with creative ideas, while staying within your budget, using custom shades like the popular Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Cellular Shades we can stage your home to increase the likelihood of a quick and profitable sale.  

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Interior Redesign 

Sometimes we just need a change of “scenery” in a room, or the whole house, but don’t have a big budget to accomplish it. Real Sense Designs offers redesign services to give your home an updated appearance using things you already own, adding or changing a few well-chosen pieces of furniture, art and accessories to give your home the impact you desire. 

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Mission Statement:

The mission of Real Sense Designs is to create a rich and harmonious presentation of your home’s best features to give home buyers a Real Sense of its value and facilitate a faster sale. When performing redesign services for those who are not planning to sell, our goal is to create a fresh look for their homes that expresses their taste, current interests and lifestyle with minimal expense.



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