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What is Home Staging?
Professional Home Staging is not only arranging and decorating your home to show at its best, it is also a powerful marketing tool to help get your house sold. 

It seems simple enough, why can’t I do the staging myself?
After living in a house for a while most people lose their objectivity, and may not notice all of the little things that need to be done in order to show the home to its best advantage. A professional home stager has a trained eye and the expertise to deal with challenges. 

Isn’t Home Staging expensive?
When you consider the evidence that dollars invested in Home Staging can bring you up to three times the amount invested in increased sales price, you effectively “get paid” for having it done! 

What are the benefits of Home Staging?
There are many benefits, but the most important are:
* Home Staging sets your home apart from other properties on the market
* It makes your home’s interior appear bigger, brighter and well cared for
* Staged homes sell faster than unstaged homes
* Staged homes sell for more money than unstaged homes 

When is the best time to Stage my home?
The best time to begin Home Staging is before you list your home for sale. That gives you the time you need to make necessary repairs and cosmetic changes to the interior and/or exterior of your home without being rushed to finish before showing your home to buyers. 

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